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  • David Price

You Know your a runner when ?

With so much sport appearing on the telly, meaning the only exercise we’re likely to get, is for our eyes and when we reach for the remote control. With that in mind, I thought I’d mention some other reasons why we participate in exercise and especially running. You know you’re a runner when, 1. You still run while you’re injured. 2. The vast majority of the clothes and shoes worn most often are running clothes/shoes 3. Shorts aren’t only worn in the summer. 4. Getting excited about waking up at 5am in the summer to go for a run. 5. You’re so tired that the best way to wake up is to go for a run. 6. When visiting a new city and the first thing you do is to plot out a run. 7. When you see someone out running and you become jealous. 8. You buy another pair of running shoes even though you have 5 pairs already. 9. Your running kit is the first thing packed when going on a work/holiday trip. 10. When spit lands on your shoulder and you don’t mind. 11. When losing a toe nail is no big deal, so long as you can run. 12. You use any excuse to get out from a run. Summary:

What ever the reason or the sport, get off the couch and get outside to make use of the warm, light filled days before they disappear.

Brett’s view:

I must admit, I'm guilty of all the offences outlined above and will no doubt keep committing them, for as long as the body permits David’s view:

Running for me is now a plod with the dog around the block a couple of times a week anything else just hurts my lower back. Swimming is my low impact alternative - especially in the lake !

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