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David Price


Worked in the city and the USA for most of my life. Played a lot of Rugby and sports growing up. Enjoy working out, participating in sports and being out side in the fresh air. Only really started taking care of myself properly about 10 years ago.I had a small scare regarding my spleen which forced me to think further about my health, especially as a father with 3 children under the age of ten.

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My daily routines (body type- Mesomorph/Endomorph)

My start to the day

  • Glass of Beetroot juice

  • Banana

  • Orange 

  • Apple

  • Large glass of water


  • 45 minute walk with my dog

  • TRX 30 pull ups and 30 push ups

  • Currently alternating between swimming and hot yoga each day

  • Like to try and fit in a cycle or a session on the rower during the week.

  • Every other day weights, do a little hit circuit for 30 mins


  • Two weetabix

  • Little muesli

  • Rasperries or blueberries

  • Alpro Almond milk or Oat Milk


  • French - Duolingo daily

  • Read the Financial times

  • News

Snacks and drinks

  • Green tea

  • 2 cups of black coffee a day

  • Nuts and raisins

  • Occasional Wagon wheel !

  • Occasional crunchy bar !


  • 20 inverted cobras

  • 10 cat cowls

  • sciatica stretch

  • 50 Knee balls - rugby knee

  • Touch toes

  • stretch to the sky

Favourite Gadgets

  • Salter Blue tooth scales, weigh myself every morning, think it's a man thing . They sync with my phone.

  • Garmin Fenix 5, it works with all sports and tells the time, plus it lasts ages on a single charge.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Whole foods if possible

  • Nothing processed

  • Varied, balanced diet lots of salads and vegetables

  • Eliminated milk out of my diet due to mild lactose intolerance


  • Try to be in bed before 10pm each night if possible

  • Try to leave gadgets out of the bedroom apart from my fenix which I take off.

  • Lavender spray, helps you to sleep

  • 4 deep breaths before I go to sleep to relax

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