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Environmental Health

Here are some great ways to help the environment, we all need to do our bit.
Try to use only what you need and don't waste our natural resources.

Reduced Water use

We should all think about our water use, think of the resource / power that goes into cleaning and then pumping water to our houses. Water is expensive for us to use for this reason. New house builds use rainwater for non essential needs such as flushing the toilet and watering the garden.

Rainwater collection system

Remember the rain buckets in our parents vegetable gardens ? Well large household rainwater collection systems are coming back to feed garden sprinkler systems, flushing toilets and washing cars. From 500 litre systems to 5000 litre underground reservoirs are available.


Recycling has been made a lot easier for us to separate items out. However, there is still seems a long way to go. Everything you buy seems covered in plastic and cardboard. Some supermarkets are trialling a refill system, which sounds a great idea, but will it work in practise ? We probably need an incentive !

Solar Panels

Did you know solar panels are not as expensive as you think ! To run a normal house you probably need 3kw of power, so ten 300w panels. Great if you live some where sunny, the expensive part is the battery pack. The majority of people feed straight into the grid for this reason and become generators.

Wind Generator

Wind generators have become much more efficient and now run at low wind speeds. They have also become smaller and much more efficient. These are a great compliment to a solar system because when its cloudy its normally windy !

Electric Cars

Every car magazine you pick up or programme you watch there is a buzz about electric cars. They do seem to be a reality that we need to embrace - how great would it be to generate your own electricity at home, using solar and wind power, to provide your car's energy for

 the next day !

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