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The Calorie Bank

Image by Dmitry Demidko
The Calorie Bank: Text

Calorie Bank

Every day, just like a normal bank, it's good to have a positive balance of calories remaining from your daily allowance.

The Calorie Bank: Text

How to beat the calorie bank

Step one

Starting balance -  Calorie Intake

  • Daily allowance for men 2500 calories

  • To lose weight - 1900 calories per day

Step two

Debits - Calories from food

  • Daily allowance for men 2500 calories

  • To lose weight - 1900 calories per day

Step three

Credits from Exercise - the interest !

Try and do an hour of exercise a day if possible, steps are a good one, cycling and other low impact sports, Weights and high intensive training sessions are good as well. Record these on your smart device or phone if possible

Step four

Daily balance

Just like a bank, deduct debits from the starting balance (daily allowance)  and then add credits.
The final number will tell you if you have had a good or bad day.
Positive balance you should lose weight, if the balance is negative you will gain weight

The Calorie Bank: List
Image by Héctor Martínez

Exercise Gadgets - these will help you record calories consumed, exercise calories burned and record your weight. There are lots of them, here are some of our favourites:-

The Calorie Bank: Services

Blue tooth weighing scales


Mobile phones, so many fitness apps and trackers

Wearables - Fitbit is a popular one


Body Fat % measurement device

apple watch.jpg

apple watch very popular

fenix 5.jpg

Garmin Fenix - good battery life, good for sports of all types - golf to skiing and more

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