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Foxy guide to wellness: Welcome

Foxy guide to wellness

"If you find the balance, you find life"

Medical Health

  • Exercise daily

  • Sleep - minimum of 7 hours 

  • Learn to recognise Illness

  • Eat a variety of healthy foods

  • Make sure you eat fruit and fibre every day

  • Control your meal portions

  • Stop smoking

  • Drink alcohol in moderation

Mental & Emotional

  • Tune into your thoughts

  • Cultiviate and optimistic attitude

  • Seek and provide support - find a close male friend to regularly discuss life issues through with

  • Learn time management skills

  • Practise stress management techniques

  • Accept and forgive yourself

  • Try and find some balance in your life

Spiritual Values Ethics Health

  • Explore your spiritual core

  • Spend time alone  / meditate frequently

  • Be inquisitive and curious

  • Be fully present in everything you do

  • Listen with your heart and live by your principles

  • Do not judge others

  • Be stronger after life challenges

Social Community Health

  • Cultivate Healthy relationships

  • Get involved

  • Contribute to your community

  • Share your talents and skills

  • Communicate your thoughts, feelings and ideas

Intellectual Health

  • Enrol into courses and workshops

  • Learn a foreign language

  • Seek out people who challenge you intellectually

  • Read often

  • Learn to appreciate art

Occupational Health

  • Make sure your workplace is safe and set up correctly to you personal requirements

  • Explore a variety of career options

  • Create a vision for your future

  • Choose a career that suits your personality, interests and talents

  • Be open to change and learn new skills


Environmental Health

  • Reduce printing and use of paper

  • Conserve water, electricity and fuels

  • Minimize chemical use

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Try not to waste

  • Renew your relationship with the planet


  • Try to create a good balance in everything you do, remember the pillars on this page

  • "Too much of anything, is good for nothing"

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