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Are you allergic to exercise ?

Be honest - was School the last time you exercised regularly? Regular exercise for children is very important, and we all try to make sure they take part in some form or another. The same is true for adults too.

Modern day demands allows us to use the excuses; too busy, work/family commitments I'll do it later, in order to exercise regularly.

It's so important to get some type of exercise for the regular balance, here are some useful ideas:-

  • Start out slowly at your pace. Once you become more comfortable, build on that platform where exercise becomes a regular part of your lifestyle.

  • Picking up a sport/exercise you once participated in can help you ease back into the regularity of excerice. Be mindful of your age especially with contact sports..

  • Set a time each day / diarise a time and commit to it.

  • If returning to a sport, focus on your current/future form and not dwell on your past performances.

  • Set yourself a target/goal - a distance, a weight, a measurement a time, a race......................

  • Exercising first thing in the morning can result in; better mood, increased energy and focus along with improved sleep

  • A buddy - helps to keep you accountable and can be motivating for you both.

  • Resting your body will ensure that you won't become fatigued both physically and mentally.

  • Alternate your exercise regime to prevent it becoming stale.

  • Try an exercise you haven't thought of before, hot yoga, pilates, weights, hiking.............

  • No excuses, if you miss a session there is always tomorrow, just keep going.


It's not expensive to get out and about to experience the many benefits of exercise and

the benefits and rewards will easily outlay the fears of getting back into it. Once you have passed that hurdle you might ask yourself "why did it take me so long to start?"

Bretts view:

Warming up for a run, now takes a little longer. But the overall outcome is something I continue to enjoy and helps me look forward to the next one.

David's view

The hardest thing is to start, but, once you have put one foot in front of the other you are already doing it and feeling the benefits and endorphins. Don't over think it! The Story of Dean in our stories section, tells the tale of a person, who got up and started with a step, losing 5kg in 3 months without lifting a dumbbell !

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1 Comment

Nov 26, 2020

Sometimes people can be frightened by the word exercise - so I use 'be active' and as you mention - it could be something as simple as walking to the corner shop / thing the stairs rather than escalator or just around the garden. Use the time to relax and clear your thoughts - you will even find that a lot of the problems you have been struggling with suddenly clarify.

Find something you enjoy doing that doesn't involve sitting down.

Remember it doesn't have to take hours of your time - just be mindful of "moving".

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