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  • David Price

Striking the Work / Family Balance

Family are so important, yes it's hard to get a semblance of balance between work and home sometimes especially when there are so many social pressures and also traditionally labelled as the hunter gatherer !

  • Weekends, try to ensure these are work free and spend as much time with your family as possible

  • You can never recuperate the lost family time

  • Make sure you give the family time to speak out and communicate about anything that troubles them, Sunday dinner is a good time to do this

  • Overworking is easy to do, can't get it back from your grave, no one every says I wished I had spent more time at work

  • Try and find some balance between work, family and me time. Yes, me time it's important that you do something stress relieving - try and get the family to participate in one of your hobbies

  • Make sure you attend important family events, your abscence will be noted and you wish you had attended in the future. The important work issue could be delayed or handled by someone else.


Striking the balance is so easy to write, but so hard to achieve. Finding this balance is probably the hardest thing to do. There are so many factors which cause us stress which leads too imbalance, and leads us to work harder to provide more resource.

Brett's view:The realisation is, as your children get older, your direct influence becomes less. My hope is that in their early years what we did together ,carries on through to their later years.

David's view: Each year I spend about 10 weeks of the year on business trips away from the family and also work long hours, I am very guilty of having an imbalanced work/family life balance. Covid 19 has helped me realise this, the pressures are still there, however, I am trying to rebalance

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