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Motorvation - what drives us ?

It may not feel like it, but we have passed the half way point on the calendar for Winter meaning that the change of season and clock are within touching distance. But as the lockdown continues and the days are still cold and devoid of light, it’s tough to keep yourself motivated to do anything's let alone keeping fit..

For those that have maintained their fitness regimes, well done! It’s not always easy to keep going as the conditions deteriorate while the vast majority are content to revert to a state of winter fitness hibernation?.

What drives people to start or maintaining anything, whether it be at work, in sports or socially? This usually requires some type of motivation or drive associated followed by action.

But what is Motivation; Motivation can be described as "The process that initiates, guides and maintains goal driven behaviours. It involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behaviour".

There are different types of motivation all for a different reason and goal. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Utilitarian: incentives or rewards : money

  • Knowledge/Growth: to learn, expand continue to improve.

  • Social: to help others, friendships, belonging.

  • Aesthetic: fitness, to look good, clothing.

  • Fear: avoid bad result can drive some actions.

  • Achievement: milestones, public recognition.

  • Challenge: to test one's self.

Staying Motivated.

Staying motivated can sometime seem difficult, especially when trying to keep fit so ensure you have a plan that corresponds with your goal.

  • Working towards something that you genuinely want to achieve or find interesting will often be the motivating force to keep you going.

  • Setting realistic goal/tasks are very important too, as unrealistic ones will just deter you.

  • Managing your goals will allow you recognise your accomplishments and ultimately avoid wasting time on things if you are not.

  • Your output ,drive and energy can often become flat due to the repetition of the same exercises, so it vital to keep things fresh by introducing a little change, but often.

  • Remain positive, as a positive outlook will help remove any doubt. If you look for excuses, you'll easily find one.

  • Guidance from an external source , whether it be a trainer or teacher, will often push/challenge you to move from that comfort zone.


Ultimately, whatever motivates us is going to be very different for every one of us, but starting out with a goal and the desire to achieve it, will be very similar.

Brett view:

What more do we need to keep motivated knowing that March is only a few weeks and with it, a change in season !!

David view:

Motivation is everything, without it, it's hard to get anywhere.

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