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  • David Price

Lockdown - the Sequel

As the UK prepares for its second lockdown and if your previous "work from home" experience was challenging, then here are a few suggestions to keep you sane, inspired and healthy through this period.

  • Try and carve out a new workspace or room at home, the sunnier the better - it will provide a change of scenery and atmosphere. It's important to separate home and work if you can.

  • Time is short, aim to work smarter. Learn to say "NO". Don't make excuses!

  • Change up your routine to make it less monotonous - work calls as you walk?

  • Manage zoom and conference calls to allotted times, if possible reduce the number to a minimum. Using the phone is sometimes just as good.

  • Allow adequate breaks, sitting behind a desk all day is not good for you. It is recommended that you only sit for a maximum of between 30 to 45 mins at a time - how long are you sitting for ? In order to offset this daily inactivity, it is recommend that you do 60 mins of exercise a day.

  • Exercise - Walking, running, or anything that gets you up and about with a change of scene. Are you struggling to find 60 clear minutes to work out? No excuses, make exercise a part of your day - the school run, grocery shopping, walking the dog...

  • Utilise the time once spent commuting for personal or mental exercise. It's a great way to kick start the day.

  • Communicate with your family about working from home, this can save many an argument if they understand your pressures.

  • Keep the fridge "fly by's" to a minimum! Try nuts and raisin's instead!

  • Drink water through the day, refill the tank.


It's so easy to get up early and fall into your work space without the daily grind of the commute. However, just like our children, it's impossible to concentrate on just one thing all day long. Make sure you take frequent breaks, go out for a walk or run and try to keep work hour boundaries in place.

Brett's View: I find it hard to concentrate for more than ten minutes ! So I am a big fan of always finding constant ways of working smarter and not harder.

David's View: Working from home has its benefits, however, if you're not using them then there is no benefit at all! It is just work ! it's easy for the day to morph into one as you sit at your desk all day long with call after call. It's good to get up, especially at lunchtime, have a change of scene, refuel, let your body be energised, head be inspired and your brain to work smarter to see the wood from the trees and finish your day well.

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