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Comfort and Joy

After a tough 2020, there will be no better way to celebrate Christmas than with close family and friends to indulge in a little eating and drinking, subject to local lockdown rules ! This usually means that the average person will eat around 5,240 calories and around 190gms of fat on Christmas day, when snacks and alcohol are added in.

To run that all off, you would have to run a marathon the next day – burning 2,600 calories with a hangover ! A tough ask, and if running's not your thing, you could also hit the gym for five hours straight – burning 590 calories an hour lifting weights and on the treadmill.

This will usually mean that on average, we put on 4-5lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, after consuming twice our daily recommended calorie intake on occasions.

Being good all year round, it’s natural to want to let your guard down a little, as it’s a very social time of year to enjoy. Why not up your exercise regime a little before and after Christmas day / New Year’s so you come out in good shape ready for next year.

A Boxing day walk or run can be a family exercise or tradition as an example and will help with calorie management.

Depending on your post festive exercise regime, it may take until Easter to get you back into shape !

To highlight a typical day of Christmas Day eating/drinking calorie count:-

Starter & appetiser:

· Smoked salmon with buttered toast and horseradish – 366 calories

· Small portion of nuts – 130 calories

· Total = (496 calories – an hour’s jog/10 mile cycle/swim for 75 mins)


· 4 slices of turkeys – 404 calories

· 3 roast potatoes (200 calories each) – 600 calories

· 5 pigs-in-blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon) – 400 calories

· Gravy – 79 calories 3 balls of stuffing (125 calories each) – 375 calories

· Buttered sprouts – 100 calories Buttered carrots – 80

· Bread sauce – 90 calories

· Total =2,128 calories – jog four miles every day for a week/play four 90-minute football matches/work-out in the gym for 4hr 20mins

Dessert and cheese

· 1 mince pie – 177 calories

· A portion of Christmas pudding, custard & brandy butter – 587 calories

· 5 Quality Street chocolates – 132 calories

· Cheese and biscuits – one portion of cheese and buttered crackers – 394 calories

· Total =1,290 calories – run a half marathon/four hours of Pilates/four-hour hike


· Two glasses of champagne – 226 calories

· Bottle of beer – 142 calories each

· Two glasses of white wine – 240 calories

· Two glasses of red wine – 320 calories

· A glass of port – 154 calories

· A glass of mulled wine – 245 calories

· Total =1,327 calories – 2.5 hours running on gym treadmill/two rounds of golf/three hours of tennis

Total for Christmas dinner blow-out = 5,241 calories (If you ate this way every day, you'd be 308 pounds heavier by this time next year.)


From the team here at Healthy Silver Fox, if the word moderation comes to mind, great ! If not have a fantastic festive week especially under the current circumstances. See you in training in 2021. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Brett’s view:

I will try and practise what I preach, but this will go out of the window after the second beer !

David’s view:

Having put a ton of weight on last year, which I have only just lost, I am going to try and be better disciplined than last year. I bought a smaller beer keg than last year, so in good shape so far !

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2020

Definitely a difficult time of the year for keeping on track with so many temptations and cold weather to keep you on the couch.

What a find helps is rather than increased exercise is putting in a 1 or 2 day supported cleanse/shred. Am planning to do mine on the 28th and 4th - start the week of on the right foot and give the body a rest and reset.

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