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Achy creaky back

We all have quite a sedentary life compared to our cave men ancestors, who were built to hunt and forage etc. Many of us who are in office based jobs will sit on our bottoms for a large part of the day which really is a large part of the problem of aching backs. We are designed to move not sit. As we grow older we also have to contend with making sure we warm up as well, before we participate in most sports. Many of us will turn up and just play wondering why we feel crippled for many days afterwards. Musicians normally warm up and tune their instruments before a concert, but for some strange reason most of us never seem to warm up. How many times have you got to the first tee without even a gentle stretch before teeing off ?

Here are 8 gentle exercises that you can really do anywhere, you really don’t need any equipment apart from your body and the floor. The key is to making sure that you can try incorporate these into your morning routine, we recommend that brushing your teeth is the signal to your brain to stretch before you start your day. We have included some videos from you tube so you can see how they are done.

In terms of duration and length, you know your body - start small and work up to where it benefits you and your own comfort level.


Stretching is extremely good for you, both body and soul, it helps you to find balance. When you hear the stories of older people ageing gracefully and they tell the secrets to their health, they normally include daily stretching as part of their routine. If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable would recommend that you consult your GP or health care provider as soon as possible.

Brett’s view:

For years I have tried to touch my toes with my legs being straight, and for years I have failed. This seemingly simple task, for a 3 year old, may now have to join my ever growing pile of unachievable tasks, for now. On the positive side, all these years of stretching has left me relatively injury free and maybe one day I will be able to remove that off my list.

David’s view:

Brushing my teeth in the morning is the signal for me to stretch, most mornings I hobble out of bed unable to walk and then after a number of stretches I am then mobile again. I incorporate a number of these stretches with some additional yoga and pilates moves so that I am ready for my day. I am convinced that my little morning routine has helped me tone up my core as well as warm up my back for the day ahead.

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