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Eating healthy is easier than you think

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Sometimes we over complicate meal times, if you want to eat healthily then one rule is to keep it simple and as natural as possible without processed accompaniments.

  • Steamer - fill each tier with different things. As an example, put new potatoes in the bottom pan, salmon with onions & herbs in the next tier, then carrots and broccoli at the top !

  • Oven grill - great for both fish and meat, as an example how about grilling some lamb chops and just having rocket and salad with it, a very quick meal.

  • Salads - you can just add cold meat or fish such as smoked mackerel from a packet

  • Sauces - try and make these yourself rather than buying most of them are tomato based with herbs and spices.

  • Sushi - make your own or pre buy

  • Soups - home made is better, as you know what ingredients have gone in, soup is very easy to make. Why not make a batch at the weekend ?

  • Snacks - Nuts, raisins, almonds, carrot sticks, rice crackers, peanut butter with celery sticks. There are a lot of snack suggestions try and avoid snacks in wrappers.


If you can try and avoid using cooking oil and milk products then you should see a reduction in the calorific value of your meal. If you can keep it simple and use natural ingredients you can cook a tasty healthy meal within 15 minutes.

Brett view: I am the son of a green grocer so I have eaten a lot of veggies over my time, but more often than not, I stray off the veggie path !

David view: If I am home alone and cooking for myself then I will always do the lamb chops and rocket salad, its quick and delicious. I tend to eat nuts and raisins as my snack during the day - the raisins satisfy the sugary / sweet desire. I also like to avoid buying ready made sauces if i can.

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